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Message from Chairman

Haji Fojan chairman of All Pakistan Dry Fruit Importers & Exporters Association, the association is a multi sartorial grouping of individuals, companies and other professional organizations in Pakistan with the primary mission to organize the different industry sectors participating in the Import & export of dry fruits and related products or distribution into a body which represents their individual and collective interests in policy making, standards setting and industry development. Representatives from private & public sector, research & development organizations.
All Pakistan Dry Fruit Importers & Exporters Association’s membership is open for all business entities including corporations, partnerships or single proprietorships with a serious interest in achieving effective trading and distribution for better trading, preservation, import & export of dry fruits and related commodities. 


Our Mission


To promote, develop, protect, stimulate and protect the rights and economical interests of dry fruit importers and exporters.


To ensure the interest of industry generally and the number of associations engaged. 


To provide safe guard and protect the interest of the members of associations by promoting co-operation. 


To help the members to make enormous and effective steps to let their business grow. 

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Election Results For Office Bearers & Executive Committee 2019-2020 Has Been Announced for Information Contact Secretary General.